Didn’t expect anything, but things end up the way I actually wanted it to. Birthdays.

I wanted to have dinner with all the friends and family, except we didn’t invite the friends. Thought of just cooking a small meal, so I went to shop for some groceries with “Riwahi” and planned a menu spontaneously, everything came together slowly.

Unfortunately we didn’t take the pics of whatever that was made, but here’s what we wanted to do:

  • Cream Sauce Chicken
  • Sauteed Rosemary Potatoes
  • Ratatouille
  • Prawn Coleslaw

Cooking half-way however, friends came over for a surprised visit bringing more food and filled the table to cater for the numbers. Soon enough everything was piled together and we had pasta, mashed potatoes, paprik chickens, drinks… and cake. Thanks to everyone who came!

Blow candles, make some noise, stuff our bellies, had fun. After everything was done, had to clean everything up and head out to a local mamak just so we don’t annoy my neighbours since it was getting late at night. And that was basically the end of the day, simple… yet I love it.


…And everybody loves cake right?


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What Do I Do?

This is what I do.

What you see, you will see more.

Crashing in soon…

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